Our programmes

Vision and Values Workshop

Half day workshops that really help you understand your purpose. Purpose driven organisations out perform standard businesses and is one of the top ranking factors for Gen Z’s to want to work somewhere. This workshop uses a number of activities to really understand where you’re going what sets you apart and how to communicate that to current and future staff.

Culture and Engagement Workshop

This half day workshop takes your vision and values and gives you practical, actionable advice on how to bring that to life. We detail all aspects of recruiting the right people, imbedding the values across the organisation and how to measure results. You will be left with a detailed roadmap and plan of action on activities that will engage staff.

Staff Engagement Testing

The best place to start it to really understand where you currently are. From staff questionnaires to focus groups we can provide a detailed report on how happy your staff currently are and what they need in order to be fully engaged

Team Leader Training

Embedding the values into the organisation isn’t something that can be delivered by one singular individual. Our team leader training gives anyone who manages staff the knowledge and skills to manage, inspire and engage their teams in the right way.

Leadership Groups

It’s not always easy running culture / values programmes these leadership groups mean you get ongoing peer to peer support. We discuss how to overcome any roadblocks and also talk about latest engagement techniques and share learnings. A great way to network and make the journey more enjoyable!

What’s Next?

Get in touch to register your interest to attend our next workshop or email us for more information.