About Culco


Founded by Jane Slimming and Lisa Lister Culco was set up to help SME business owners navigate the drastically changing post-covid workplace. Never before has change been so significant and so fast. Employees expectations, place and hours of work, ways to recruit, retain and engage are wildly different. Culco gives business owners and senior staff the knowledge and skill to not just navigate this change but get the most out of the opportunity it presents.

We’ve had hundreds of businesses go through our programme and implement amazing programmes resulting in recruiting the right people and engaging them to get the best out of their workforce.

Why is culture so important?

Poor culture is costing the UK Economy £23.6billion per year – according to a report, authored by breatheHR.

It has also been found that of 2,500 SME businesses surveyed in “The Culture Economy” 34% of people leave their job because of perceived poor culture.

In the same survey it explains that SME decision makers stated positive culture led to:


Improved morale and relationships


Employees going the extra mile


Better customer service


Reduced employee turnover

What’s Next?

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